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Komakusa : Queen Of Alpine Plants

On Mt. Shirane, you can enjoy alpine plants Komakusa(Dicentra peregrina) until the end of August. Shirane is in Kusatsu-machi, Gunma prefecture. Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan's three top hot springs. You can enjoy mountain climbing and hot springs.

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Full Bloom Now! A Flower Sight That You Can Enjoy Now

In this article, I introduce the spots that flowers can enjoy in early May. The Golden Week(about the large consecutive holidays in Japan) period may get crowded, but it is worth a visit! These two parks are also available from Tokyo on a day trip.

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Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arrangement,

When it comes to flower arrangements, Japanese has its own way - introducing Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arrangement.

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3 Japanese Flowers With The Meanings

Talking about Japanese flowers, maybe all of you should know about the most famous one, Sakura. Unfortunately, if they ask you what is the meaning of those flowers, can you explain it?

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Japanese Love To Eat Cherry Blossoms:SAKURA

Every spring, cherry blossoms called "sakura"(桜) enchants people with its beautiful and lovely looking. Many people enjoy picnic under the cherry trees in Japan. However, viewing is not the only way to enjoy cherry blossoms. Japanese have loved them by eating!

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Face the life and the death of flowers: Makoto Azuma, spreads his philosophy of "kill in order to revive" all around the world

Introduce Makoto Azuma who seeks the "value of flower" that isn't affected by what is popular in a moment.

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When Is The Best Season To Visit Japan?

There are four very different seasons in Japan. Each season has attractive characteristics. It's hard to decide when the best season is. So you decide your best from this article. I personally recommend spring...

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3 Best Beautiful Hydrangea Viewing Spots Around Tokyo

In the rainy season, June in Japan, you can see lots of beautiful hydrangeas blooming everywhere. In June, it’s usually raining almost everyday, but the flowers are just beautiful enough to cheer up our dull mind. There’s even Hydrangea Viewing Festival in Japan, and here’s some examples.

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What is Japanese Floral Arrangement "Ikebana"?

In many cultures flower arranging is something to be executed symmetrically. The Japanese way, on the other hand, is quite different. Welcome to Ikebana 生花 101!

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