Updated: February 18, 2016
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4 Tips To Maximize Your Ryokan & Onsen Experience

Have you tried onsen in Japan? If you have, did you enjoy it properly? Well, you still have lot more to learn about going to onsen & ryokan! After reading this, you can enjoy it 100%!

You should know about Ryokan & Onsen by now, right?

If you are interested in Japan, you should have some understanding about ryokan and onsen (If not, please check our articles about it).

Now, the problem is, is it enough for you to only have minimum knowledge of these attractions when you enter, just enough to avoid embarrassment?

Of course not!

#1 Never Forget To Drink Glass Bottled Milk After Onsen!

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Yes, it doesn't seem to match, onsen and milk. However, you can't miss drinking glass bottled milk after onsen if you really want to enjoy it!
In addition, you have to put your hand on your hip when you drink!

#2 Play Ping Pong With Yukata!

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When you stay at a ryokan with an onsen, it is a good idea to try wearing yukata... but that's not enough! At a ryokan, you can't miss playing ping pong (table tennis) in your yukata.

But don't play too hard, you might need to take a shower afterwards!

#3 Float Sake at Onsen!

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To be honest, 'floating sake at onsen' is something every Japanese people dream of, but not many actually do.

Why? The reason is that not many onsen ryokan allow people to drink during onsen, due to the danger of drowning.

Therefore, if you experience this 'floating sake', you can say that you know onsen better than most Japanese!

#4 Experience Ashi-yu (足湯) at Onsen Resort!

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If you are going to stay at a ryokan in an onsen resort (温泉街), you can find ashi-yu around the area.
You can use these whenever you want, for free! After a walk around the resort, it will surely make you relax.

Take your shoes off and put your feet in ashi-yu!

Also, check them out!

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