Updated: January 14, 2016
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Shimekazari: The New Year's Decoration In Japan

there are many types of decorative objects for the new year in Japan. one of the decorations is Shimekazari.

There are some New Year's decorations

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Like other peoples, Japanese people have also created their own decorative items for the New Year. They reflect not only Japanese culture but also Japanese aesthetics.

What is a Shimekazari?

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Actually, there are many types of decorative objects for the new year in Japan but I only focus on Shimekazari (against-evil rope chiefly made of rice straw, fern leaves and origami strip) which is sold a lot in supermarkets few days before new year.

Pretty and sophisticated

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Shimekazari is really an eye-catching item. I think that things are used to shoo evils away should be strange and smelly. Nevertheless Shimekazari is different. It's so pretty and sophisticated.

It's worthy

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Although ¥4,000 is not a small money for a decorative item, I was willing to pay for one and hang it in front of my door. I'm not sure if it can shoo evils away or not, but at least I'm happy to see it. It's worthy, right?
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