Updated: January 19, 2016
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Unprecedented Super-Alloy Hello Kitty Will Be Released

"Mazinger Z" and "Hello Kitty" will collaborate on Bandai's superalloy toy.

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The iconic cool enormous robot, "Mazinger Z" and the well-known cute Sanrio's character, "Hello Kitty" will collaborate on Bandai's superalloy toy line which has a long history since 1974. Both "Superalloy Mazinger Z (Hello Kitty color)" and "Superalloy Hello Kitty (Mazinger Z color)" will be launched in May and June 2016.
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They uniquely swap their original colors and designs.

Their unusual appearance mixed with solidness and cuteness has something to draw attention.
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Since the first product, Mazinger Z superalloy was launched in 1974 the company has developed the superalloy toy line with many robots and characters. The superalloy toy line is a long selling product series and will have the 42nd anniversary in 2016.
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The collaboration project celebrating the 40th anniversary of both superalloy and Hello Kitty in 2014 attracted huge attention and the first "Superalloy Hello Kitty" launch was very much talked about.
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About these new superalloy toys, there is a story. Mazinger Z representing the superalloy toy line and Hello Kitty swap their souls and switch their original colors and designs.
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A short animation film telling its background is uploaded on the product special website. Check the video to see how Hello Kitty is fighting like Mazinger Z.
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"Superalloy Hello Kitty (Mazinger Z color)" is transformable into "Underwater Mode", "Running Mode" and "Flying Mode" as the same as "Superalloy Hello Kitty" robot launched in June 2014. It also releases rocket punches from its arms and comes with Hello Kitty mini-figure in Mazinger Z pilot, Koji Kabuto's costume.
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About "Superalloy Mazinger Z (Hello Kitty color)", it comes in 70's Hello Kitty robe color with a big ribbon. To shake hand with "Superalloy Hello Kitty (Mazinger Z color)", it has a spare hand part. The belt for its “Jet Scrander” is special one with Hello Kitty shinny gold icon. Both of them will be sold at 8,424 yen (incl. tax).
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Just staring silvering Hello Kitty and pretty tricolored Mazinger Z is amusing because of the gap. The products will be available at a toy sales floor of electric appliance stores, on online stores and at Sanrio Shop.
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