Updated: November 02, 2016
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Gakko No Kaidan; The Famous 7 Ghost Stories In School

Does your school have ghost stories? Well, in Japan, many schools have their own stories; so-called 'Gakko no Kaidan 学校の怪談'! All elementary school students are afraid to go back to school in the night!

Gakko no Kaidan 学校の怪談

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There are many ghost stories in Japan, especially in school. These ghost stories in school are called 'Gakko no kaidan 学校の怪談', which tend to be seven stories.

This article will tell you about the most famous ones.

#1 Piano in a music room

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One night, a student went back to school to get his notebook when he heard someone playing a piano in the school; even though there shouldn't be anyone there but him.

He went to the music room to find out who is playing, but when he reached the room, he saw only the piano.

He closely checked the piano and realized that blood was dripping from the ceiling and making the sound...

#2 13-step stairs

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Most stairs in Japanese schools are 10 steps. But somehow, one of stairs in the school was 12-step stairs.

When a student was going up the stairs during the night, she realized that there were 13 steps and at the top there was a noose awaiting to hang her...

#3 Moving anatomical model of the human body

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Creepy looking anatomical models of the human body in the science room frightens every Japanese student.

Such models are said to move in the night when no one is watching...

#4 Mysterious sound of a basketball

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In the night, suspicious basketball dribbling sounds can heard from the gym.

No one knows who is playing basketball alone in the dark.

People says it's the ghost of the student who died by a car accident few years ago...

#5 Moving eyes of Mona Lisa

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When a student went to the art room in the night, he saw the portrait of Mona Lisa staring at him...

He ran as fast as he could and never went in the art room again.

#6 Old school building

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There was a young teacher who was staying in her school until the late evening to finish her work. It wasn't until around 10 pm when her work was finally done.

On her way to the school exit, she saw an unfamiliar passageway leading to an old wooden building.

Becoming curious, she went into the building to figure out what it was...

The next morning, a school's security guard realized that the young teacher's belongings were left in the school all night.

Since then, nobody knows were she went...

#7 Hanako-san

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In every school there is the ghost of Hanako-san; in the women's bathroom on the third floor.

If you're curious, start knocking on each door three times from the furthest stall, and ask 'Are you in there, Hanako-san?'

When you reach the third stall, she will answer in faint voice... 'Yes.'

When you open the door, there she will be; a little girl with bobbed hair wearing a red skirt.

You will be taken away forever...
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