Updated: February 28, 2017
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1000km Walking Journey Shikoku Pilgrimage Called Ohenro

Shikoku Pilgrimage called Ohenro(お遍路) is to walk and visit the 88 temples in Tokushima, Kouchi, Ehime, Kagawa prefecture. The local government is insisting that the route qualifies for a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What is Ohenro お遍路

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Ohenro route is the priest Kūkai's footsteps. It's takes about 1130 kilometer and at least 40days.

People do Ohenro Because...

Some people say "I wanted to change my life". Others say "to look at themselves objectively". Ohenro is kind of spiritual action.

People Wear...

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White clothes is easily recognized as Ohenro-san. People in shikoku will talk to you easily and tell your direction.
Also white means that all of human are equal in front of the Buddha.
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Walking stick called Kongozue 金剛杖
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Sedge hat for sunshade, raining.

Omotenashi for Ohenro-san

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People in Shikoku offer foods and shelters to Ohenro-san for free. It's a right action as the appreciation for Kukai.


There's an anime series called OHENRO. This TV show gives you a lot of information about Ohenro with some kind of cuteness and humor.

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