Updated: April 04, 2016
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World's Top Aquarium Loving Country; Japan!

Have you ever thought of visiting an aquarium in Japan? If not, please go! Surprisingly, Japan is the country with the largest number of aquariums!

Why you should visit a Japanese aquarium

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Few years ago, an article of the Nikkei revealed that Japan was one of the most aquarium loving countries. The article told that the number of aquariums per capita was top in the world in 2011.
There are over 100 aquariums in Japan!

Check this article and consider Japanese aquarium for one of your travel destinations!
(Most aquariums introduced in this article are in Tokyo.)

#1 Kasai Tokyo Sea Life Park

Tokyo see life park 01 https://goo.gl/7wSNpC
Kasai Tokyo Sea Life Park is a reasonable and enjoyable aquarium. Its entrance fee is only 700 yen, when others' are 2000 yen. However, don't think this aquarium isn't as fun as other aquariums!

You can see dynamic and beautiful fish tanks with lots of rare fish! Its most unique exhibition is the round tank with huge tunas swimming 24/7!

#2 Sunshine Aquarium, Ikebukuro Tokyo

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The concept of Sunshine Aquarium is 'Sky Oasis' which is due to its location; the 10th floor of the shopping mall 'Sunshine City'.

Even though its area isn't as big as usual aquarium, the number of fish types is ranked 5th in Japan.

It's rooftop tank with sea lions is amazing!

#3 Sumida Aquarium, Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo soramachi 2012 https://goo.gl/6IJ8WA
Sumida Aquarium lies right next to the Tokyo Skytree. The concept of this aquarium is to show ecosystems and become a new 'experience' aquarium. They will stimulate your senses with visuals, sounds, smells, and lights with free human flow line.

You have to see the biggest penguin tank! Events to make your penguin experience memorable will take place every season.
The video shows hanabi (firework) projection mapping event of last summer.

#4 Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa

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When you talk about aquariums in Japan, you can't miss Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. It's the No.1 aquarium not just in Japan, but the whole of Asia!
Its location is really hard to access, but the exhibitions are worth seeing!

The best part is the Kuroshio Sea which is the biggest tank with whale sharks, dolphins, and mantas!
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