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Welcome To Biei, One Of The Most Beautiful Sceneries In Japan [PR]

You might know this beautiful pond. It become famous after being adopted as a wallpaper on MacBook Pro. But do you know where it actually is? It's Biei 美瑛 in Hokkaido, Japan!

The Beautiful Illumination of Blue Pond has finished but...

Although the second illumination event for the Blue Pond has finished,
the illumination event for the Shirahige Falls is still being held (Dec 4 - March
27, 17:00 - 21:00).

Spectacular Shirahige Fall

The blue Biei River, the white falls and the mist surrounding the area
create a beautiful and fantastic atmosphere. The light patterns change every
two minutes, so you will never get tired of looking at the scenery. The trees
above the falls are also frozen white which, when combined with the bridge, add
ambience to the beauty of the scenery.

Natural flowing hot spring

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Bundle up (the temperature can drop below minus 10 Celsius), and go
out into the beautiful Biei night to see the Shirahige Falls, and enjoy Biei's
Shirogane Hot Springs, a natural flowing hot spring!

Do you want to enjoy outdoor wild hot spring?

During the summer you can also access the Fukiage Hot Springs, an
outdoor wild hot spring (mixed bathing) located in the Biei Shirogane area.
Although the hot spring is located in the middle of the wilderness, the bath
itself is well maintained, and is comfortable enough for those who are not sure
about bathing out in the wild.


Do you want to know much more about Biei or other places in Hokkaido? Then you can visit the website of Hokkaido Tourism Organization! The information posted here will surely make you want to visit. Enjoy!

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Welcome To Biei, One Of The Most Beautiful Sceneries In Japan