Updated: January 04, 2017
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Looking For A Good Coffee In Japan? Check Your Nearest Convenience Store!

Did you know that cafe isn't the only place you can get coffee? Since 2012, most convenience stores started to serve high quality just-made coffee. The best part is, that it's ONLY 100-yen!

Big boom of '100-yen' Convenience store coffee

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Convenience store coffee became a big boom in 2013. It's cheap, great quality, and easy-to-buy coffee that changed Japan's coffee culture!

Before the boom, many people were drinking canned coffee. Its taste were very different from the taste of coffee you can get from cafe; quite sugary and usually chilled.

However, since the start of 100-yen coffee at convenience store, everyone started to drink this hot, inexpensive, high quality coffee which you can get anywhere.

Increase in coffee consumption

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According to All Japan Coffee Association (AJCA), domestic coffee consumption updated the record consumption for the first time in 6 years in 2013 (446,392 tons). This trend still continues even now. (2014: 449,908 tons, 2025:461,892 tons)

This hit is expected to elevate the level of Japanese coffee culture.

How to buy it!

If you want to have a hot coffee, you have to buy a cup at a cash register.
Just be careful that menu will only be around the coffee machine, not at the register.

On the other hand, if you wanted to drink iced coffee, you have to get a cup filled with ice in the freezer on your own. Don't forget to pay before you get your coffee!
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