Updated: April 07, 2017
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Easy And Fun Sushi! Home Made Temaki Zushi

If you are a sushi lover, why don't try to create some by yourself? It is much simpler than you may have thought.

Home Made Temaki Zushi

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You might think the sushi served in the restaurants is the best, right? Yes, indeed, it is delicious, fresh, and savory to enjoy authentic sushi at the restaurant. Yet you can cook sushi at home and it’s fun!
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Most of Japanese people enjoy sushi at home in a way of “temaki” or hand-rolled sushi. Temaki zushi is so much easier and requires no skills to roll sushi. All you need is rice with sushi vinegar, nori seaweed, and any fillings you desire!
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Temaki Zushi Recipe! Try It!

Here is the recipe. First, you cook rice, put it into a bowl and then add sushi vinegar little by little. After mixing it up, put the fillings or ingredients on a large dish. Do not forget to prepare wasabi if you are a wasabi lover! Most of regular sushi comes in nigiri style, but in temaki style, place rice onto the seaweed and put your favourite fillings into it at the same time and start to roll in a triangular shape.
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That’s easy, isn’t it? It’s tasty and fun to enjoy sushi with your family and friends. You may prepare some sake as an option and enjoy it with your home made sushi.
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