Updated: May 13, 2017
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Artistic Nishijin Weaves

The tradition of creating Nishijin weaves by hand is so wonderful that even modern technologies find it difficult to recreate.

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The history of Nishijin weaves goes back to 1200 years ago. This marvelous and unique way of making clothes by hands was established after the demand of the Imperial court and aristocracy to make high quality woven fabric. Then it was used in costumes for Noh Theater.
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Variety of Nishijin textile are 12 types.
綴(Tsuzure), 経錦(Tatenishiki), 緯錦(Nukinishiki), 緞子(Donsu), 朱珍(Shuchin), 紹巴(Shouha), 風通(Futsu), 綟り織(Mojiri ori), 本しぼ織(Honshibori ori), ビロード(Velvet), 絣織(Kasuri ori), 紬(Tsumugi).
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Nowadays they use these clothes for weddings and other formal celebrations. Artisans enjoy weaving the clothes by hand, and the handlooms are their life and their living. This craft is still producing magnificent costumes even though there are many modern and computerized factories that produce this kind of design.
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At the Nishijin Textile Center, you can watch handmade by craftsmen, you can weave a table center cloth.
And You can experience wearing the full kimono dress of the nobility from the Heian era by wearing authentic garments!

Moreover, you can experience the wear of the nobility of the Heian era in full-scale costumes.
You can enjoy the elegant and refined Japanese world!
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