Updated: April 07, 2017
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Japanese Lacquerware Combining Beauty And Durability

Japanese craftsmen never cease to fascinate us with their marvelous craftry. The Japanese lacquer ware which the technique was polished over a long history is really beautiful and excellent in durability.

About Japanese Lacquerware

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Lacquerware means craftwork made by painting and laminating lacquer on wood and paper. By applying lacquer, a hard shiny surface is formed and durability can be obtained. In Japan, many words are used for this craft such as shikki, nurimono, and urushi-nuri.
Not only do Japanese craftsmen raise durability, they also decorated them and raised their artistry.

History of Japanese lacquerware

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This wonderful craft goes back to 7000 BC. It came originally from China, but it has been categorized with fine and decorative arts in Japan. The technique behind this high-class craft is quite basic.

Lacquerware Still Indispensable To Life In Japan

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Today, technology develops, not only wood and paper, but also metal, plastic and glass are used for lacquerware materials.
Along with changes in japanese lifestyle, lacquerware corresponding to dishwashing washing machines is also being made, which is indispensable for Japanese table.
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The object is formed from wood, metal, plastic, and many other materials to create items including ashtrays, dishes, bowls, and plates. This unique varnishing keeps our eyes coated with beauty and satisfaction like to all other gorgeous crafts in Japan.
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