Updated: April 16, 2017
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"Chochin" Is The Japanese Lantern

Not only a means of producing light, these Chochin is also used at festivals and as markers of restaurants.

The Japanese Chochin's Feature

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The oldest record about Chochin is for 1085 years. It come from China and are thought to have developed into shapes that can be folded in Japan.
It has so many characteristics such as the size and it can be pleated flat. It is also long lasting and can be used in rain and other inappropriate weathers.
The Japanese Chochin is portable and light so that it can be used as a source of light and it is like a candle.

Odawara Chochin : Protecting Travelers

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There were no street lights in the past, people used Chochin when walking at night.
In the middle of the Edo period, Odawara Chochin is transmitted as origins that Mr. Jinuemon made for travelers.
It is devised to make it easy for a traveler to carry, and It is believed to protect people against evil spirits because some of its materials are brought from the spiritual temple from a holy mountain.

Aka-Chochin Is A Izakaya?

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In Japan, Izakaya is sometimes called "Aka-Chochin(Red lantern)". Since Izakayan hanging red lanterns at storefronts instead of signs, people started to call it so.
Even now, there are also many restaurants that hang their lanterns at the eaves, not just Izakaya.

Recommended For Souvenirs

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Chochin that can be folded lightly are ideal for souvenirs. As selling at a souvenir or something, check it out!
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