Updated: April 10, 2017
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What Is Hanko For The Japanese People?

What is Hanko? Why are not a sign? You might think that. Hanko is an indispensable belonging to every Japanese person, and also any foreigner planning to live there.

All About Hanko (And Why You Need One)

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If you are planning to live, work, or spend any significant time in Japan (and even if you're not), one of the things you will definitely need is a hanko stamp. The space for signing your name on Japanese documents and contracts is really tiny, because Japanese people use a hanko (sometimes also called an inkan) – a small personalized stamp used in place of a handwritten signature.

If You Live In Japan

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If you are a foreign national living or working in Japan, it is useful to register the kana version of your name, called the tsūshō, or “Japanese registered alias”, which you can then use for your personal hanko on any official document you'll need in your day to day life (setting up a phone contract, signing for packages, opening a bank account, joining a fitness club or other activity).

Japanese Use Different Kinds Of Hanko

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Most Japanese have three different hanko: a ginkō-in, for formal use (like bank accounts), a mitomein for informal use (like signing for packages or for other low-risk activities), and a larger “official” seal, called the jitsuin, registered at their local city hall or ward office, for government documents, buying houses, signing loans etc. It is important to have a registered alias and a jitsuin if you intend to do anything with this level of importance, because you will be asked to present your documents proving you have the right to use that jitsuin in legally binding contracts.

Let's Make A Hanko

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Although pressing them into the ink and signing with a hanko takes a little bit to get used to, they are fun to use and incredibly convenient!
Recently, there seems to be an increasing number of foreign tourists who buy Hanko as a souvenir of a Japanese trip.
We hope you will enjoy using them, too!
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