Updated: August 19, 2016
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Release Your Creativity With The Amazing RPG

The "SMILE GAME BUILDER" for Windows, software, supporting both English and Japanese and allowing the creation of RPGs without the need for programming, will be released on Thursday, September 8th!


SmileBoom Co. Ltd. (Head Office in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan President and CEO: Takaki Kobayashi) will start sales of the "SMILE GAME BUILDER" for Windows, software for creating role playing games, through the "STEAM," a computer game sales platform, on Thursday, September 8, 2016. The retail price in Japan is 9,800 yen (tax included) and 79.99 US dollars in other countries.
At the same time, 4 types of additional material packs including 3D models and BGM for the SMILE GAME BUILDER prepared by leading game creators will be released as download contents so as to help users extend their range of game creation.
Materials 1 valuepress.jp
The optimized SMILE GAME BUILDER allows custom-designed for RPG game creation by eliminating general purpose properties, thereby enabling creators to concentrate on game story making.

Also, the SMILE GAME BUILDER allows creators to make three dimensional relief maps without preparing 3D modeling tools just like playing a game. More than 1,000 types of materials, including 3D models, 2D graphics, BGM, and sound effects are included in the package, so a user will be able to start game creation as a game creator on the first day of purchase.

Furthermore, created games can be saved as applications for Windows, so creators are free to distribute a game as free software or for sale as a product.

Create 3D maps as easily as drawing a picture!

Map before valuepress.jp
It is extremely simple and easy to create undulating 3-dimensional maps for your games without knowing anything about 3D modeling. You first select the terrain type, such as grass, sand or snow, and draw the rough outlines of the map in the map editor.

You can lay the foundations of the 3D map by just specifying the height of different areas within the map. Finally, you can complete the stage for the game that you want to make by adding trees and buildings, such as houses or castles.

Event templates make game development a breeze

Map editor valuepress.jp
n RPGs, there are a lot of common scenes, such as "Villager who gives you an item when you speak to him" or "Start battle after a conversation scene!", that cannot be created quickly by novice developers. However, SMILE GAME BUILDER provides more than 138 different types of event templates that enable you to create these sorts of events instantaneously. Anyone can create these sorts of scenes in a flash by just putting one of these event templates into the map and configuring some simple settings.

An event template consists of a combination of 51 types of event panels. Users can create even more detailed representation by creatively building up these event panels. Trying out different combinations of event panels allows you to naturally acquire the logical thinking and creativity that are considered to be important for learning programming.

Numerous particle effects that realistically replicate natural phenomena, such as rain, fog and flames!

Particle effect valuepress.jp
Visually appealing stage effects, such as changes in the weather, flames and light, are essential to an exciting story. SMILE GAME BUILDER provides 22 types of particle effects*, such as rain, fog, flames and smoke. These effects dramatically liven up the various scenes visualized by users.

* Particle effects are a method of replicating natural phenomena, such as fog, flames and snow, that are difficult to reproduce with traditional 2D animation or with polygons.

Changeable viewpoints: Multi-view camera system!

Game 2 valuepress.jp
As well as allowing you to design maps from any angle you like, the map editor also lets you build maps and events while checking the deployment of characters and the insertion of events. During the game, players can switch between birds-eye view and first-person view.

You can immediately start building a game by using the extensive graphics and sound materials are also provided

Game production requires various materials, such as graphics, background music (BGM) and sound effects. SMILE GAME BUILDER comes with over 1,000 types of these sorts of materials, allowing you to start enjoying your game development on the same day that you buy the software. Naturally, you can also use any 3D models, 2D graphics or sound data that you have created by yourself.

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