Updated: February 13, 2017
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Perfect Guide To Rental Culture In Japan

People assume that living in Japan is costly. But do you know that you can rent anything from DVDs and costumes to clothes and even boyfriends/girlfriends? Here are 5 cool things you can rent!

#1 DVDs

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Movie tickets don't come cheap in Japan as they cost at least 1,000 yen. Thank goodness for DVD rental shops like Tsutaya where you can rent recent blockbuster movies or entire seasons of popular dramas cheaply for as cheap as 100 yen per disc. This means that you can feed your thirst for entertainment without burning a hole in your pocket!

#2 Fashion items

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It's not cost-effective to stay on top of fashion trends all the time. So why not subscribe to fashion portals like airCloset which offer different kinds of clothes and even accessories at wallet-friendly prices? What's more, these clothes are coordinated by professional stylists, so you can be sure that you will look glamourous and gorgeous!

#3 Costumes

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If you are like most Japanophiles, you are probably enamoured with ninjas, Japan's best-loved secret agents. Of course, buying a ninja costume will not be practical, so why not rent a ninja costume that starts from 1,000 yen at Koka Ninja Village? This village is located at Koga City in Shiga, a place famed for the Koga ninjas, so you will definitely get to wear authentic ninja costumes!

#4 Boyfriends/Girlfriends

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Do you wish to remain single but still have the experience of being attached? If this prospect intrigues you, read further on! Rentaru Kareshi (Boyfriend Rental) allows you to rent a hunk for several hours so that you can go on a date and engage in hugging and holding things, just like what real couples do! For guys, they can secure the company of a girl through Rental Kanojo (Girlfriend Rental). This way, you don't have to fuss about maintaining a relationship financially!

#5 Pets

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Pet cafes are now the rage in Japan, where you can play with pets and shower your love on them - without the usual responsibilities associated with caring for them! Cat cafes are the most common, but there are other kinds of cafes, ranging from dogs and rabbits to owls and even snakes! So hesitate no longer, rejuvenate your spirit with your favorite animal!
The prominent rental culture in Japan is a great way to acquire novel experiences - while leaving the wallet relatively unscathed. Here's to living it up in Japan!

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