Updated: February 20, 2017
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5 Awesome Nomihodai Items You Must Try

Oh, nomihodai (all you can drink). A wonderful concept where you can drink all kinds of alcoholic drinks for cheap prices. But just what to drink? Read this guide to find out!

#1 Beer

Retina beer
One term you should really commit to memory is "nama biiru". It's Japanese for draft beer and is typically the first drink most Japanese start off a nomihodai with. Impress your Japanese friends by saying "torieazu, biiru" (Let's start with a beer!) as this is a phrase they will often use and charm your way into their hearts!

#2 Shochu

Retina shochu
Comprising an alcohol content of 25-45%, shochu is a great drink to supplement your meal with if you desire something heavier on the palate. It is a versatile drink as you can savour it in so many ways: shochu on the rocks, shochu mixed with water or soda, and shochu as a cocktail base. If you have the chance, try ordering Iichiko shochu, a leading shochu producer whose spirit is among the best 25 bestselling spirits worldwide!

#3 Cocktails

Retina pak51 kakuterusuiteki tp v
No one does minimalism better than the Japanese, and artisanal cocktails are a great way to feel this unique minimalist spirit as you savor well-balanced cocktails where all the ingredients delicately and seamlessly complement one another. So order one Japanese cocktail and discern for yourself which of these ingredients are used in its making: wasabi, shiso leaves, sakura syrup, yuzu, matcha, among others!

#4 Umeshu (Plum wine)

Jisaku umeshu with ume https://goo.gl/qgm3jh
For those of you who prefer to indulge in something sweeter, umeshu (plum wine) is something that you should definitely try! Its refreshing, fruity taste comes from the citrus acid in the ume plums and will tantalize your tastebuds to no end.

What's more, you can enjoy it differently, depending on the season! During sweltering summers, you can revel in umeshu soda while in winter, you can seek comfort from a nice glass of umeshu mixed with hot water.

#5 Oolong Tea

%e5%86%b7%e6%b3%a1%e8%8c%b6   cold brew tea %2827043674170%29 https://goo.gl/d1GxLt
For teetotallers who would rather not consume alcohol, does this mean that you cannot join a nomihodai? Thankfully, nope! You can order oolong tea, a category of tea that lies between green tea and black tea. Boasting a pleasantly earthy taste, it enables you to join in the merriment without compromising on your lifestyle choice!
There you go. Five amazing drinks you should drink up at a nomihodai. Kampai! (Cheers!)

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