Updated: April 09, 2017
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5 Osaka-ben Words You Should Know

Osaka people are known to be the funniest people in Japan, so learning their dialect will help you break the ice easily with Japanese people and make them laugh! Here are 5 words you can use.

#1 Honma ni (ほんまに)

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One of the most frequently used words in Osaka dialect, "honma ni" means "Really?" and is used when you want to confirm something or express doubt. The Standard Japanese equivalent is "hontou ni".

#2 Eede (ええで)

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If you want to say "No worries!", try using "eede" instead of the Standard Japanese equivalent of "ii yo". This is because Osaka people replace "ii" and "yo" with "ee" and "de" respectively. This casual word will surely help you worm your way into the hearts of Japanese people!

#3 Shiranwa (しらんわ)

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Kanto people will say "shiranai" when they want to say "I don't know". Osaka people, on the other hand, will say "shiranwa" - in a high-pitched tone to emphasize how they have no idea!

4. Mokarimakka (もうかりまっか)

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Osaka people are said to be the most money-minded and entrepreneurial people in Japan, so it's no wonder that their greeting makes reference to money! Instead of saying "Ogenki desu ka?" ("Are you fine?"), they ask each other "Mokarimakka", which means "Are you making money?" Of course, since Japanese people are famously private about money, you just have to give a non-committal "bochi-bochi denna" ("So-so") when they ask you this question.

5. Nande ya nen!? (なんでやねん)

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If there is one phrase that speaks to the soul of Osaka people, it has to be "nande ya ne". This ubiquitous phrase can be used in a wide range of situations because it can take on different meanings, ranging from "Why?"; "How come!?"; "Give me a break!", among other things. Given its usefulness, this phrase has been adopted by many drama and anime characters as a form of comedic expression!
There you have it. Five Osaka-ben words you can use to break the ice and build rapport with Osaka people. Gambatte kudasai!

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