Updated: October 31, 2017
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3 Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Things In Tokyo

Everyone knows that you can buy things for a steal in Daiso as all items are sold for 100 yen. But what happens when you can't find a Daiso store? Fret not, for you can shop at these 3 other shops!

1) 3 Coins

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Everything in this shop will set you back just three 100 yen coins (that's why the name "3 Coins". Get it?) Particularly appealing to housewives and aspiring interior designers, 3 Coins offers an impressive panoply of goods ranging from footwear to household items and even seasonal products! Readily located at popular shopping areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

2) Natural Kitchen

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A popular zakka (assorted goods) store, Natural Kitchen boasts an amazing collection of kitchenware and other tools bound to capture the hearts of homemakers. As the goods look chic and quirky, you may think that they cost a bomb. But surprise! most of them actually just cost 100 yen. Yes! The same price as Daiso products. Check it out when you next visit prominent shopping areas like Shibuya.

3) Don Quijote

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Any shopping conquest would not be complete if you don't check out Don Quijote. It may not offer prices as low as 100 or 300 yen, but its range of products is breathtaking. You can seriously find everything here, including groceries, cosmetics, household items, electronic products, festive goods and many more. You name it, Don Quijote has it. The prices are competitive as well, so be prepared to indulge in the shopping bug!
Feel inspired to engage in some retail therapy. Have fun buying cheap AND good-quality stuff in Japan!

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