Updated: August 12, 2015
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What a great concept! This T-shirt at Village Vanguard is a genius idea!

Hi, it's Macko*! Today I will introduce you A T-shirt sold by Village Vanguard is so amazing that should be mentioned.

Imagine seeing skin and underwear through a wet T-shirt…Such a fantasy comes true in this new T-shirt.

Featurepop 228869 http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
It looks see-through, but it’s actually just printed!
Village Vanguard sells the “Mousou Splash T-shirt” with realistic see-through underwear print in either blue or pink. “Mousou” means “delusion” in Japanese.
Item 229335 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
This is the “Mousou Splash T-shirt/BLUE.”

Yes, it’s see-through. Nice, very nice.
Item 229341 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
This one is “Mousou Splash T-shirt/PINK.”

Even though I know it’s just printed on, it’s hard not to stare. It’s a work of art.

There are T-shirts in other variations, too.

Item 228261 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
Cleavage showing through a hole in the middle.
No kidding, this really is a print.
Item 228258 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
“Mousou Drop T-shirt” is the name of this product.
Item 216064 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
Here’s one with the center zip open, exposing cleavage in the middle of the T-shirt.
Believe it or not, this is a print, too.
Item 216063 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
This product’s name is “Mousou Zipper T-shirt.”
Item 107731 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
The paint is chest becomes bare from the underwear which is greatly ruptured.
Yes, you guessed it. It is also a print.
Item 107730 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
This is the “Mousou Mapping – Red Bra T-shirt.”

It comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue, black, pink, and white.
Item 161831 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
Here is the “Mousou Mapping – Pink Bra T-shirt.”

Super nice.

You might want to wear it as a fun joke.

Because it’s a printed T-shirt, even men can wear it.
What a great product to make you the center of conversation.
Item 93716 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
This is how a man looked when he wears it.
Item 161832 l http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/2423/
So how do you feel it? Isn’t it great?


What did you think? As I said at the beginning, I wrote this article because I thought the concept was truly genius and definitely wanted to share it with all of you. Hope you thought it was interesting, and if you did, I’m very glad to hear it!
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Thank you for reading until here.

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