Updated: December 25, 2016
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Kadomatsu: 3 Trees Call Good Luck In Your Home

During the New Years holidays in Japan, there are three trees that you will see everywhere in Japan: take (bamboo), matsu (pine) and ume (Japanese plum).

Kadomatsu calls good luck

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To welcome the New Year in Japan, these three trees are specially arranged into a kadomatsu (“a gate made from pine”) then placed outside of the entrances of houses and businesses for good luck.


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These three trees, whose names are often shortened in Japanese to “sho-chiku-bai”, are special because they each flourish in the wintertime.

Chinese and Japanese culture

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They have therefore been treasured by Chinese people since ancient times, and similarly by Japanese as well.

Each trees has symbols

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Due to the trees’ physical characteristics, pine represents strength,
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bamboo represents longevity,
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and the Japanese plum tree represents beauty.
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In the kadomatsu, there are usually three bamboo of various heights to represent heaven, humanity and the earth.
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