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Abacus Is Secret Tool Of Japanese Human Calculator

Have you ever had a problem of calculating large numbers? Don't you think it would be if helpful if you can calculate numbers larger than 10 thousands instantly in your head? How it works? Learn Japanese abacus!

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Looking For A Good Coffee In Japan? Check Your Nearest Convenience Store!

Did you know that cafe isn't the only place you can get coffee? Since 2012, most convenience stores started to serve high quality just-made coffee. The best part is, that it's ONLY 100-yen!

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Expensive But Unbelievably Sweet Brand Fruits Made In Japan

One thing you have to know before Japan is that fruits are so expensive here ! Some of brand fruits are in unbelievably high price! Though it's not just expensive, but it really is sweet and delicious! Please try some if you have chance.

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6 Popular Insects Among Japanese Children

Did you know that Japan has culture of liking insects? Many Japanese kids are fond of catching insects when going out in nature. Let's find out what kind of insects are common and popular in Japan!

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How To Be Even Cooler When Using Chopsticks

You may already have learned how to use chopsticks and its manner. If you want to know even more about chopsticks, check this article! It'll show you your next step.

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6 Must-See Promotion Videos Of Local Cities

There are many unique videos of Japan on the Internet, but have you ever seen these local cities' videos? All of them are fascinating, interesting, and shocking!

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7 Legendary Katana Of Japan

If you play video games, you might be familiar with katana, but did you know that some of them actually do exist?? Check out this article to know more about katana!

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Top 3 Most Popular Sports In Japan

Which sports do you think is popular in Japan? Soccer, or maybe Sumo wrestling? Read this article and check which sport interests Japanese!

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Japanese Traditional Extreme Toy, Kendama

Kendama is one of Japanese traditional toys that were popular in the past. However, kendama are now becoming to get popular again in a modern style!

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Don't Blow Your Nose With A Handkerchief In Japan

If I tell you that most Japanese people always have a handkerchief with them, do you think they all have runny nose? Of course not! Check this article and find out why they carry it everyday!

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